....restorative practices and behaviour management solutions

 Other options 

Parent and Community Information Evenings  (usually 1 – 2 hours)
Schools are strongly encouraged to facilitate information evenings for their community when implementing Restorative Practice. These evenings can be in the form of casual information sessions, quiz style evenings, or formal presentations about restorative practices in the school setting.

Difficult Conversations  - Working with Parents Restoratively  (3 hours)
This workshop is ideal for front office staff, pastoral staff and school administrators who are at the front line working with parents. Participants will explore the interpersonal dynamics between school and carer and the conditions needed to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes. Role plays and scenarios will provide opportunities to explore the relational element to having difficult conversations and defusing confronting situations. Participants will leave this workshop with a range of telephone, email and meeting ‘scripts’ to use the following day at the chalk face.

Restorative Practice Information Sessions  (usually 2 – 3 hours)
These sessions are designed to brief schools and organisations about restorative justice and restorative practice. Included is an overview of current trends and research, philosophy and framework relevant to each organization.

Staff Development and Relationship Management
The following options are available and time will depend on individual needs.
• Staff team building and resilience training
• Addressing and resolving staff interpersonal issues and conflict
• Whole school beliefs and values workshops

Critical Incident Management and Recovery
Behaviour Matters staff are on hand to professionally support schools in responding to critical incidents such as serious vandalism and arson, bomb threats, major student disruption and other events that schools may require external resources. Services also include grief and trauma counselingOur staff are available to facilitate Community Conferences where needed and offer the school a mentoring service expert in these processes. Please contact us for more information.

Policy Development and Strategic Planning    
• Review of student discipline and behaviour management policy and processes
• Advice about wellbeing

Staff Coaching and Mentoring
Teachers may benefit from working directly with David in their classroom where he is on hand to model and facilitate classroom circles and conferences. He is also able to work with individual students and families in a counselling and therapeutic role.


Student Programs

Peace Makers and Peer Mediation (full day or two half days)
Tailor made programs depending student age and experience. Outcomes from the G.A.I.N. mediation program include developing communication skills, mediation techniques and small group restorative approaches.  These programs have the potential to build social capacity, improve levels of student safety and belonging.

If any of these options could be of benefit to your workplace contact David Vinegrad via email:


to discuss your needs directly.