....restorative practices and behaviour management solutions


Resources for schools

Critical Questions for the Implementation of Restorative Practices
 - Questions that ask if your school culture is ready for a relational approach to discipline and positive behaviour development.

Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools - a one stop shop paper written by Marg Thorsborne and Peter Blood

Community Conference Script - a word document version of the generic facilitator script

Resources for classrooms

Restorative Chat Card
- use this template to create your own folding card or bookmark as a prompt for conversations.

Classroom Expectations - this is a modified version of SWPBIS

Classroom Code of Cooperation - this is a modified version of 'classroom rules

Circle games and energisers - with a tweak or tow most of these can be modified to suit any age or group

More games and energisers - this is Activity Bursts in the Classroom

7 Questions that change classroom discipline - a template that you can use to create visual posters for many uses

Resources for organisations

Collaborative Relationships - Roland Barth's inquiry paper into productive relationships in schools and can be applied to any workplace