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An instructional manual on restorative justice in schools from world-leading experts; this 'how to' guide offers guidance on the issues of carrying out restorative practices, including coping with day-to-day problems, and offers worksheets for practical daily use.

Beginning with challenges to orthodox thinking about behaviour change, it goes on to describe a multitude of approaches to respond to minor incidents in school settings, then takes a close look at using restorative approaches to bullying, before it finally focuses on the formal end of the continuum (including conference preparation and facilitation). This book is reflective of the evolution of processes and responses from the most serious of incidents through to minor everyday issues, making this an essential resource for all school staff.

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RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: POCKETBOOK  (Thorsborne M and Vinegrad D, teacher resource, 128pp) 


 Schools that have adopted the ancient principles of restorative justice in their approach to behaviour management report better relationships with young people, greater engagement in learning and a greater development of social and emotional competence among learners. No surprise, then, that interest inrestorative practices is growing.

 It’s all about relationships. Wrongdoing is viewed through a ‘relational lens’. All those responsible for and affected by the behaviour are involved in solving the problem. Working in conference with a teacher/facilitator, participants come to understand the harm done to people and relationships. Accepting that such harm creates obligations and liabilities, they then focus on repairing the damage and putting things right.

 Expert practitioners Margaret and David provide a thorough grounding in restorative practice, with worked examples and easy-to-follow teacher scripts to get you started. If RJ is new to you, you’ll be a convert in no time!


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(Margaret Armstrong & David Vinegrad 150pp)

Working in Circles in Primary and Secondary Classrooms is a comprehensive manual for anyone wishing to use the circle in their classroom for community building; social skills; democratic decision making or just having fun together as a class. It is a complete guide – saving valuable time in searching for a collection of fun games or resources suitable for primary or secondary classrooms.

           Working_in_Circles_Book_.jpg    This manual covers:  The reasons benefits and methodology of using circles in classrooms; the ways they can be used; and many examples of circle sessions for both primary and secondary classrooms.  Circles in schools can build and create a sense of belonging trust loyalty and community-mindedness. Using circles in classrooms as described in this manual can create democratic classrooms where real learning occurs in safe supportive spaces.

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Other useful resources and books can be obtained from catalogues on the following websites:


Books:  Available from circlespeak.com.au
The Little Book of Circle Processes – Kay Pranis
Peacemaking Circles – From Crime to Community – Pranis, Stuart & Wedge
Calling the Circle – The First and Future Culture - Baldwin

Building Safe & Healthy Communities: Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation.
  Brenda Morrison.  Available from iirp.org/library
The Challenge of Culture Change: Embedding Restorative Practices in Schools.  P Blood & M Thorsborne.  Available from iirp.org/library
Restorative Justice in Everyday Life: Beyond the Formal Ritual. Ted Wachtel
The Australian Context – Restorative Practices as a Platform for Cultural Change in Schools.  Peta Blood
Available from circlespeak.com.au or iirp.org/library





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